Teaching EBM, Sept 2018

Teaching EBM is designed for all health care professionals, who have some knowledge of critical appraisal and experience in practicing evidence-based health care, and want to develop their teaching.

Fee £1200 includes all refreshments and course materials
The 2018 course will run September 10-13 and will be held at Rewley House, Wellington Square, Oxford.
Links to local accommodation can be found here.

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TEBM offers  four full days of teaching by world renowned experts in evidence-based health care at the University of Oxford.  A Certificate of Completion is issued on the last day of the course. If this course is being taken as part of an award-bearing programme of study, (MSc in EBHC) you are given a fifth day with module coordinators who will take you through the academic assignment you are required to submit as part of the overall programme

By the end of this module you will have learned how to:

There will be two main themes running throughout the workshop:

  1. Teaching will be addressed through the exploration of different educational models for teaching evidence-based practice and identification and discussion of issues of pedagogy, curriculum design development and maintenance. The aim will be to promote the teaching of evidence-based health care at your home institution
  2. Personal Development will be addressed by offering guidance and help in extending and advancing participants’ existing critical appraisal and teaching skills.

Most of the Workshop will be conducted in small groups in which participants will develop and test their own EBM packages. Plenary sessions will present and discuss general issues in planning, executing, and evaluating EBM, and will demonstrate large-group strategies for teaching EBM. Searching and study time will be provided each day, and informal social events will encourage free discussion and the establishment of ongoing links.

Materials and Preparation:
Participants will receive EBM packages in diagnosis, prognosis, therapy/prevention, quality of care, systematic reviews, and economic analysis appropriate to their fields of health care, plus background readings, a core EBM textbook and software tools to help practice and teach EBM. You will benefit most from the Workshop if you bring your own EBM packages for testing in simulated teaching situations.

Workshop facilitators have been practicing and teaching EBM at sites across the UK, Europe and North America and Australasia. The Workshop will be chaired by Dr Kamal Mahtani.

23rd Workshop on TEBM: 2017 presentations