Evidence-based thinking and why it matters

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The impact of an MSc Evidence-Based Health Care

I was inspired to learn about evidence-based health care to develop sustainable health care for REAL benefits for our patients. I think it will be a long term struggle.
Having Oxford credentials has been a powerful addition to my academic achievements.

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18 Jun 2014

Asking questions

Ask big questions and think critically

Susanna Every-Palmer (Zanna) was initially sceptical about her suitability for our module on the History and Philosophy of EBHC. I informed her that all she required was the willingness to ask big questions and to think critically.

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8 Apr 2014

Short Course Scholarships 2013/14

Career Enhancement Scholarships on Short Courses
Clinical Trial Management – w/c March 17th
Knowledge into Action – w/c June 2nd
History and Philosophy of EBHC – w/c July 14th
Mixed Methods for Health Research – w/c Aug 11th

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4 Mar 2014