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Global Centre on Healthcare & Urbanisation

Advances in many aspects of healthcare mean that people are living longer, but rapid and often unplanned urbanisation has impacted their quality of life.

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More Marketing than medical evidence: infrared thermometers to screen for COVID-19

Many restaurants, theatres and offices are using infrared thermometers to get the country back to work.

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Learning in the time of Coronavirus

The delivery of the lectures upheld the rich tradition of excellence; the tutors and students cultivated an avenue for communication and collaboration. I knew this was Oxford.

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Smoking in acute respiratory infections

Does smoking increase the risk of acute respiratory infections? Jamie Hartmann-Boyce, Nicola Lindson Verdict: Yes. Smoking is a risk factor

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What does it take to be a leader in evidence-based healthcare?

Director of the Evidence-Based Health Care Leadership Programme Kamal Mahtani reflects on what it takes to be a leader in evidence-based healthcare. 

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PGCert in TEBHC: thoughts from a current student

Paediatrician Veerle Langenhorst gathers some thoughts about his current PGCert in TEBHC experience.

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