Primary Care & Diagnosis

Prof Carl Heneghan is the lead for the Primary Care theme of research at CEBM. As well as being an active teacher and researcher Prof Heneghan is a practicing GP working in Oxford including in the out of hours primary care services. Here Prof Heneghan highlights some of the completed and ongoing work on research to improve clinical services in primary care.


Position Paper on Anti-Microbial Resistance Diagnostics

There is no doubt that tackling antibiotic resistance is of major public health importance to global health systems. This report highlights the considerable number of new diagnostic technologies in development to underpin the rational prescribing of antibiotics.

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15 Jul 2015


Medication adherence

People often miss taking prescribed medication, because of forgetfulness, changing medication schedules or busy lifestyles. It is estimated that between

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21 May 2014



Diabetes, mental illness, and musculoskeletal disorders account for an estimated 86% of deaths and 77% of the disease burden in

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21 May 2014