CEBM Affiliates


A network of learners, leaders, and visionaries in Evidence-Based Medicine


What is a CEBM Affiliate?

The CEBM Affiliate title is open to anyone who has attended a course or event hosted by CEBM and is interested in the research, development, and practice of evidence-based medicine. Our affiliate network includes past participants of our one day workshops, conferences, and short-courses.

Why do we need a network of CEBM Affiliates?

At the Evidence Live 2016 conference, an important theme was Training the Next Generation of Leaders in Applied Evidence. A networking session targeting Leaders of Tomorrow in Evidence-Based Medicine, attended by over 30 delegates, identified a demand to create a formalised network of individuals interested in evidence-based healthcare.

“There is so much left to do in medicine. Students, trainees and junior researchers will play a key role in tackling the important questions.”

– Peter J. Gill, CEBM Affiliate and Honorary Fellow



The Aim and Objectives of the CEBM Affiliate Network

We seek to engage, connect, and facilitate CEBM alumni in their continuing education and knowledge sharing of evidence-based principles to improve healthcare.

In particular, the objectives of this affiliate network are:

  • To provide a virtual meeting place for individuals interested in EBM, so they can remain connected with the broader evidence-based medicine community
  • To improve awareness of EBM opportunities including: research, awards, skills training, conferences, and innovations that can have an important positive impact on healthcare
  • To facilitate collaboration and mentorship between future leaders in EBM with those at more advanced career stages

We also hope to issue a quarterly CEBM Affiliate Newsletter, in an effort to keep our international network up to date with events and training opportunities around the world.

How can you get involved?

To register your interest in becoming a CEBM affiliate, or if you would just like to share some EBM news from your organisation please do so by emailing