Educational Program & Training


The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine is committed to providing high quality training and education in the field of EBM. We  provide a range of popular workshops  and events for health professionals and researchers in practice.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy of education and training in Evidence-Based Practice is based on the principles of problem-oriented, learner-centred approaches.

  • It’s problem-oriented because we encourage learners to use real-life problems from clinical practice to guide what they learn.  This means that our courses are far more likely to be useful to you when you get back to work.
  • It’s learner-centred because we develop the learning objectives of our course around your needs what you need to know.This means that you are more likely to retain the knowledge that you gain from attending one of our courses.

We understand that changing the way we practice medicine is not easy. Our tutors are highly experienced at helping participants through the process of identifying strategies for improving their professional practice and evaluating how they are doing.


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‘Learn from experts, utilise research in practice, develop evidence-based thinking’