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Critical Appraisal Checklists

There are many checklists and tools available to help support critical appraisal, and some are listed below:

Users Guides to the Medical Literature

Users' guides to the medical literature. II. How to use an article about therapy or prevention. A. Are the results of the study valid?
JAMA 1993 Dec 1; 270(21):2598-601
Evidence-Based Medicine Working Group: Guyatt GH; Sackett DL; Cook DJ

Users' guides to the medical literature. III. How to use an article about a diagnostic test. A. Are the results of the study valid?
JAMA 1994 Feb 2; 271(5):389-91
Evidence-Based Medicine Working Group: Jaeschke R ; Guyatt G ; Sackett DL

Many more users guides can be accessed at the Centre for Health Evidence at:


Systematic Review Series

Systematic reviews: synthesis of best evidence for clinical decisions
Ann Intern Med 1997 Mar 1; 126(5):376-80
Cook DJ; Mulrow CD; Haynes RB

Systematic reviews: critical links in the great chain of evidence
Ann Intern Med 1997 Mar 1; 126(5):389-91
Mulrow CD; Cook DJ; Davidoff F

Using numerical results from systematic reviews in clinical practice
Ann Intern Med 1997 May 1; 126(9):712-20
McQuay HJ; Moore RA

How consumers and policymakers can use systematic reviews for decision making
Ann Intern Med 1997 July 1; 127(1): 37-42
Bero LA; Jadad AR

Getting Research Findings into Practice

Getting research findings into practice: Closing the gap between research and practice: an overview of systematic reviews of interventions to promote the implementation of research findings
BMJ 1998 15 Aug; 317(7156): 465-468
Bero LA, Grilli R, Grimshaw JM, Harvey E, Oxman AD, Thomson MA

Getting research findings into practice: Implementing research findings in developing countries
BMJ 1998 22 Aug; 317(7157): 531-535
Garner P, Kale R, Dickson R, Dans T, Salinas R

Making better use of research findings
BMJ 1998 4 July; 317(7150): 72-75
Haines A, Donald A

Barriers and bridges to evidence based clinical practice
BMJ 1998 25 July; 317(7153): 273-276: 273-276
Haynes B, Haines A

How do primary care physicians seek answers to clinical questions? A literature review
Journal of the Medical Library Association 2006, 94(1), pp55-60
Coumou HCH, Meijman FJ

Sicily statement on evidence-based practice
BMC Medical Education 2005, 5:1
Dawes M, et al.

Getting research findings into practice: finding information on clinical effectiveness
British Medical Journal 1998, 317(7152), pp200-203
Glanville J, et al

When less is more: a practical approach to searching for evidence-based answers
Journal of the Medical Library Association 2002, 90(3), pp298-304
Grandage KK et al.

The impact of evidence on physicians' inpatient treatment decisions
Journal of General Internal Medicine 2004, 5(1), pp402-409
Lucas BP et al.

Evidence-based medicine and the practicing clinician
Journal of General Internal Medicine 1999, 14(4), pp236-242
McAlister FA, et al.

What do evidence-based secondary journals tell us about the publication of clinically important articles in primary healthcare journals?
BMC Medicine, 2004, 2:3
McKibbon KA, et al.

Review of the usefulness of contacting other experts when conducting a literature search for systematic reviews
British Medical Journal 1998, 317(7172), pp1562-156
McManus RJ, et al.

Qualitative Studies

Qualitative research and evidence-based medicine
BMJ 316, (1998) 1230-1232
Green, J and Britten, N

Papers that go beyond numbers (qualitative research)
BMJ 315, (1997) 740-743
Greenhalgh T, Taylor R

Qualitative research in healthcare : assessing quality in qualitative research
BMJ 320, 7226,  (2000) 50-52
Mays N, Pope C





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