2015 Year 4 Medical Student Presentations

Calcium intake and fracture risk in elderly women – James Common and Timothy Rajakumar

Dengue vaccine debate – Rebecca Evans and Sam Skillcorn

Does extended use of low molecular weight heparin reduce VTE risk after abdominal surgery? – Daniel Somervell and Vicky Ewing

Does early ART improve survival in adults co-infected with HIV and TB? – Alec Noar and Anni Ding

Iron Therapy in Heart Failure – Daniel Jones and Hugh Johnson

Low-fat or low-carb diet for long-term weight loss? – Kin Seng Tong and Freya Glover

Music therapy as a treatment for schizophrenia – George Sismey and George Gillett

Neuropathic pain: it’s high time we sorted this out – Rajan Choudhary and Lee Ann Quek

Oxygen therapy for acute MI – Erika Lam and Luke Austen

Efficacy of vedolizumab in Crohn’s disease – Benjamin Patel and Max Brodermann

Prophylactic treatment for osteoporosis – Callum Harris and Ealish Swift