Teaching EBM

Workshop on Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine


Session One
Introduction to Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine Module – Carl Heneghan
Handout –  EBM curriculum  Core topics competencies for EBP

Session Two
How to teach searching methods – Nia Roberts
Using online learning as platform for teaching EBM  – David Nunan

Session Three
Using GATE to teach EBM – Rod Jackson
Handouts – GATE CAT Workbook_case control study GATE CAT Workbook_Systematic Reviews  GATE CAT Workbook_Prognosis  GATE CAT Workbook_Interventions & risk  GATE CAT Workbook_Diagnostics_070915_print version
How to teach RCTs – Su May Liew
Handout –
 Does Amoxicillin Improve outcomes in Patients with Purulent Rhinorrhea?

Session Four
How to teach Diagnostics  – Annette Pluddemann

Session Five
How to teach Stats – Rafael Perera
Handout – stats exercises

Session Six
Learning Styles – The Challenges of applying the evidence-base underpinning teaching – Adrian Stokes
Developing a Lesson Plan – Sarah Pannell

Session Seven
How to teach about Systematic Reviews – David Nunan