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We are always looking to engage with new partners to help support access to our teaching and learning for all.
If you would like to sponsor an entire scholarship as well as the naming rights to and methods for acknowledgement for it then please contact

A full illustration of the 2015/16  fees required and EBHC MSc programme  are available from the department for Continuing Education, outline of fees below:

Fee rates for the academic year 2015-16

Annual Award Fee: £5,570

Module fees: £1,690 (per taught module)

Dissertation fee: £5,070 (equivalent to 3 module fees)

Illustration for full programme (completing in three years, with six taught modules and a dissertation)

3 annual award fees: £16,710       (see notes 1 and 2)

plus 6 module fees: £10,140         (see notes 1 and 2)

plus dissertation fee: £5,070         (see notes 1 and 2)

Total: £31,920                                  (see notes 1 and 2)


1. The fee rates listed are for the academic year shown, and you should be aware that these rates will increase annually.
2. The Illustration is based on the fee rates for the academic year shown; however, fee rates for attendance in future years will increase, so students attending for more than one year should expect the total to be higher than is shown in the Illustration. The exact amount will depend on the fee rates set annually, and upon the years you are in attendance; these are normally published well before the start of each academic year, but for your own budgetary purposes you may wish to estimate a 5% annual increase on fee rates.
3. MSc students are matriculated and are full members of the Collegiate University; college fees are included within the MSc programme fees and are paid to the colleges on a student’s behalf.
4. These rates (in pounds sterling) are for students joining in the 2015-16 academic year and will increase annually.
5. The annual award fee is due for every academic year (or part-year) attended; module or dissertation fees are due in advance as invoiced. Fees must be paid in accordance with the Terms and Conditions for the programme.

Examples of Fellowships to sponsor

Research Fellow in Evidence Based Medicine (£45,000)
Sponsoring a Research Fellow in Evidence Based Medicine will allow a non-clinical researcher to focus on a specific project for the duration of the fellowship, for a minimum 12 months. Examples of outputs from this sort of fellowship could include the completion of a systematic review, a qualitative piece of work or the development of a protocol for a clinical trial to improve the evidence base for a specific intervention. Research Fellows will also be expected to engage in teaching activities for CEBM.

Clinical Fellowship in Evidence Based Medicine (£80,000)
Sponsoring a Clinical Fellow in Evidence Based Medicine will allow a clinical researcher to use their expertise in clinical medicine and direct patient care to improve the practice of Evidence Based Medicine through more applied research. Examples of outputs from this sort of fellowship could include the development of projects and applications for larger grants to carry out full programmes of work in an area of Evidence Based Medicine that will lead to translation research to improve patient care.  Clinical Fellows will also be expected to engage in teaching activities for CEBM.

The sponsor will have access to naming rights to the fellowship  e.g “Dr X, is supported by a  X X Fellowship in Evidence Based Medicine”

CEBM Travel fellowship to develop Evidence Based Medicine globally (£5000)
The CEBM travel fellowship will allow two members of the CEBM faculty to travel and engage in EBM teaching in an area of the world that is developing Evidence Based Medicine in practice. Such support will entail outreach of our expertise globally.

Low income country scholarship
We have also established the first CEBM low income country scholarship which entails a student from a low income country being supported through the entire EBHC MSc programme by having their complete course and college fees being paid for. For more information on this new initiative will follow.