Short Courses

This page contains details MSc modules and other courses facilitated by the Department of Primary Care Health Sciences and affiliates.  Courses available can be taken with or without credit.

Statistics for Clinical Trials covers protocol development and statistical analysis planning, statistical methods for testing for differences and estimating effect sizes, and the presentation and interpretation of results.  The primary focus of this course is to provide an understanding of the key statistical components required when conducting randomised clinical trials in accordance to the ICH E9 guideline, and for individuals to be able to demonstrate competencies in these components and apply them to clinical trials

Teaching EBM is designed for all health care professionals, who have some knowledge of critical appraisal and experience in practising evidence-based health care, and want to develop their teaching. Students learn in small groups and are facilitated to practice and develop their skills in teaching ebp.  Participants learn educational strategies to develop curriculum and design evaluation.

Complex Reviews – Developing a better understanding of the broader forms of evidence synthesis
Systematic reviews and meta-analysis play a major part in contributing to the pool of best available evidence in healthcare. Moreover, their results underpin national and international guidance.  Because of their importance, evidence synthesis methodology continues to evolve.
This module will focus on providing an understanding of the broader forms of evidence synthesis, and their methods, with a particular focus on complex reviews. Such reviews include diagnostic test accuracy reviews, clinical study reports, individual participant data (IPD), reviews of non-randomised data, and qualitative reviews. Students attending this course will gain insight into some of these more complex forms of evidence synthesis, as well as explore emerging forms of synthesis and learn how to incorporate these methods into a review protocol.