Graduate Entry Resources

CEBM Introduction; C. Heneghan

Appraising Systematic Reviews Fast; S. M. Liew

Diagnostic Studies – A. Pluddemann

Observational Studies and More; C. Heneghan

Prognostic Studies; K. R. Mahtani

RCT Appraisal; D. Lasserson

Understanding Effective Interventions; C. Heneghan

The Lancet 2001 Article: Frequency and prevention of symptomless deep-vein thrombosis in long-haul flights: a randomised trial; J. H. Scurr, S. J. Machin, S. Bailey-King, I. J. Mackie, S. McDonald, P. D. Coleridge Smith

Measures of association as used to address therapy, harm, and aetiology questions; S. Carney, H. Doll

Measurement scales and their summary statistics

JAMA 2004 Article: Natural History of Early, Localized Prostate Cancer; J. Johansson, O. Andren, S. Andersson, P. W. Dickman, L. Holmberg, A. Magnuson, H. Adami

BMJ 2003 Article: Near patient testing for influenza in children in primary care; A. Harnden, A. Brueggemann, S. Sheppard, J. White, A. C. Hayward, M. Zambon, D. Crook, D. Mant

BMJ 1998 Article: Survival probabilities (the Kaplan-Meier method); J. Martin Bland, D. G. Altman

JAMA 2007 Article: Using Pedometers to Increase Physical Activity; D. M. Bravata, C. Smith-Spangler, V. Sundaram, A. L. Gienger, N. Lin, R. Lewis, C. D. Stave, I. Olkin, J. R. Sirard