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Global Covid-19 Case Fatality Rates Oke J, Heneghan C.
Hot topic Updated   Covid-19   |   7th October 2020  
COVID-19 - Florence Nightingale Diagrams of UK Deaths Stratton I.
Covid-19   |   24th November 2020  
What does RCGP surveillance tell us about COVID-19 in the community? Heneghan C, Jefferson T.
Updated   Covid-19   |   16th November 2020  
COVID-19: Care Homes in England - Update Heneghan C, Oke J.
Updated   Covid-19   |   11th November 2020  
COVID-19: Death Data in England – Daily Update Oke J, Fleming S, Heneghan C
Covid-19   |   4th November 2020  
SAGE models overestimation of deaths Daniel Howdon, Carl Heneghan
Covid-19   |   2nd November 2020  
The Ongoing Problem of UK Hospital Acquired Infections Daniel Howdon, Jason Oke, Tom Jefferson, Carl Heneghan
Covid-19   |   30th October 2020  
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