Practicing Evidence-Based Medicine workshop

February 13, 2014

meePractice of Evidence-Based Medicine 

A Clinician’s View

As a clinician, EBP is very crucial to my daily practice, and I am hoping to adopt and implement it into life-long habits.

I was very much looking forward to this excellent week in Oxford, to attend this EBM workshop, and use the opportunity to maximise the benefit of attending by networking with colleagues from different professions and countries sharing ideas and thoughts. The diversity of participant’s mixed with superb enthusiasm to influence helped to shared different experiences. I hope to keep in contact with my fellow participants to continue learning from and sharing.

This 3-day workshop has increased my understanding of EBM and was a great success for me.

I can define EBM, as ‘an Art and the science of medicine’, with an appraisal to reach a good decision. EBM remains however an unfinished tale; it remains open to many debates, such as interpretations, and applications. Though, EBM seems the impossible dream that can bridge the gap between research and practice. We clinicians need an efficient, thorough, sift and strategic plan for new research that will help our patients. I liked the idea of the ‘GATE’ system which would make things easier to interpret and integrate.

I consider myself fortunate to be at Oxford, attending this unique course ‘How to Practice EBM workshop’ arranged and hosted by the ‘CEBM‘, has enabled me to enhance my knowledge and meet up with the pioneers of EBM in Oxford. Oxford is well known for its research power, as well as for its high quality education and rated to be number one. I always looked for such opportunity in the EBP training program in the UK, and I feel privileged to have been part of this prestigious event, what a nice experience sincerely.

Lastly, I aspire to EBP proficiencies to skill me up and drive my wishes to continued efforts for improvement in my practical application to make the most of its benefit.

All the best and keep the good work up.

Dr Ebtisam Elghblawi MBBCh, MScRes, ADD, DRH

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