Sport and Exercise Medicine and EBM

DN3This body of research relates to the area of sports and exercise medicine, particularly addressing the research used to underpin current evidence in this field and how it stands up to the evidence-base in the medical field. Current and completed projects include:
Incidence, severity and surveillance of exercise-associated hyponatraemia at endurance events: a systematic review. EAH has been identified as a potential medical complication of endurance participation. This review will systematically study incidence and severity of EAH at endurance events.

  1. GP trainees knowledge, experience and views of physical activity in primary care. There is a lack of evidence and there remain opposing views about physical activity as a strategy for managing lifestyle related disease, particularly in primary care. This study looks to assess how current trainee GPs views, knowledge and skills for managing lifestyle related disease with physical activity.


  1. Forty years of sports performance research and little insight gained. This study applied evidenced based methods to over 40 years of sports drinks research and found that the research did not stand up to scrutiny due to small samples, unreliable surrogate outcomes, lack of allocation concealment, poor randomization and inadequate blinding.
  2. Sport and exercise medicine: A hot topic thanks to the Olympics. Building on the Olympic legacy, this paper addresses debate around sports science at elite level feeding down to the general public and discusses the role of primary care for increasing physical activity levels of the population.

The work undertaken by the Centre on Lucozade was aired on Panorama, in July 2012, viewed by over 4 million people; it was picked up by international news agencies based on work that raised awareness of the lack of evidence underpinning many sports products available to consumers.
Current projects will provide evidence to underpin guidelines for water ingestion during long distance/duration endurance exercise and inform curriculum development around physical activity for GP trainees respectively.


Associated media
BBC News – ‘Lack of evidence’ that popular sports products work  – Consumers could be wasting their money on sports drinks, protein shakes and high-end trainers.
Guardian – TV review: Panorama: the Truth About Sports Products – Panorama: the Truth About Sports Products (BBC1) has given me a few more things to add. – “Striking lack of evidence” to back up claims for popular sports brands

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