CEBM Christmas Statistics Puzzle

December 17, 2014

Xmas puzzel (2)


By Dr. Bethany Shinkins (with help from her little elves)

Use the following clues to help you find all ten EBM statistics-related words:

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  1. On Christmas day, presents are normally ________ .
  2. Scrooge is well known for being particularly _______  at this time of year. Bah humbug!
  3. For Turkeys, December is all about _______.
  4. Where you go to choose and cut down you Christmas tree (hint: it’s a type of graph).
  5. ‘Christmas holiday ______ ‘: The phenomenon of fully-grown adults returning to their childhood homes for Christmas and spontaneously turning back into adolescents.
  6. When selecting who gets to open the first present on Christmas day, the only fair way to do this is to use _______ .
  7. People tend to spend more time shopping when it’s cold. This is a classic example of the statement: _______ not imply causation.
  8. There’s always a ______  that Father Christmas will get stuck up the chimney if he eats too mince pies!
  9. In last year’s Christmas edition of the BMJ, the survival times for quality street and roses chocolates were compared using a _______ _____
  10. You’ll definitely need some of this when dealing with the in-laws over the Christmas holidays (hint: think diagnosis).



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