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January 1, 2015

Ana Cristina Castro

Ana is currently a student in the MSc in Evidence-based health care in the University of Oxford. She has previous formation in Research sciences and evidence based medicine and also in Medical Teaching. She usually works at Universidad del Desarrollo (Chile) teaching research methods and evidence based practice to undergraduate student in the Physiotherapy school. Ana is interested in improving the access and understanding of high quality evidence in Spanish speaking countries. Her last project is a free access tutorial for improving searching skills in the main biomedical databases. Ana is the translator of the CEBM critical appraisal sheets into Spanish

Johannes Pohl and Martin Sadilek

Johannes Pohl and Martin Sadilek are physiotherapy students at the Bern University of Applied Science and the Bildungzentrun Gesundheit Basel-Stadt. Translators of the CEBM Critical appraisal sheets into German.

French Translation

Two colleagues in Belgium, who attended the Teach EBHC module, have translated the OCEBM Levels of Evidence into French.
Please direct contact Nancy Durieux and Francoise Pasleau directly if you have any questions about this French Translation.

Nancy Durieux

Nancy Durieux has a Master’s degree in psychology. She works in the Life Sciences Library, at the University of Liege (Belgium). She is involved in the teaching of information literacy to undergraduate and graduate students and she is presently writing a PhD thesis. Nancy’s research interests lie in assessing the needs of library users, information literacy and Evidence-Based Practice.

Francoise Pasleau

Francoise Pasleau has a PhD in Sciences from the University of Liege (Belgium). She spent 20 years in research laboratories where she progressively speciliazed in molecular oncology and genetics. Since 1995, she heads the Life Sciences Library of the University of Liage. She is mostly interested in teaching of information literacy and Evidence-Based Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine. She also collaborates with the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences for the development of Evidence-Based Practice in various paramedical areas.

Italian EBM Powerpoint Presentations

Below are a list of Powerpoint presentations used in workshops at the CEBM with text provided in Italian. They are provided free, and you are free to use and modify them, but we ask you to please acknowledge the original author and translator in your presentations.

GATE: Graphic Approach To Epidemiology – Italian translation (pptx – 4MB) Rod Jackson

This presentation was translated by
Fabrizio Losurdo
I am a senior resident in the Diabetes and Endocrinology residency program (5-year-long program) at Bari University Hospital, Bari, Italy. I graduated in Medicine in 2006 at Bari University School of Medicine. During my medical school training I had the opportunity to work as a volunteer in the laboratories of the Diabetes Research Centre at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY where I spent collectively about 8 months. I encountered EBM during my residency training and attended both the “How to practice EBM” and the TEBM workshops in 2012.
My major fields of clinical interest are currently thyroid imaging, diabetes and diabetes-related complications to the lower limbs.
My objectives for the future are to improve my EBM skills and to apply them when teaching younger colleagues or other healthcare workers in my team, and to develop an evidence-based clinical approach to everyday practice.

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