Year 4 Medical Students

Teaching Materials for Medical Students


Powerpoint Template

Template 2018 

Clinical Medical Student Presentations

Students work in pairs and present a focused clinical question they have developed from their exposure to practice, hospital wards or GP.

They are asked to demonstrate how they searched for the best evidence, how they critically appraise the evidence and then, where appropriate, applies the evidence to their clinical scenario.

Other readings

Chapter 39: Evidence Based Medicine; C. Heneghan, P. Glasziou.

Chapter 30: Evidence-Based Medicine; C. Heneghan, P. Glasziou.

EBM Volume 10: Finding the Gold in Medline.

EBM Notebook: Measurement Scales and their Summary Statistics.

EBM Thread 2010: How to Find the Evidence; E. Bastin, O. Coxall, T. Petrinic.

EBM Volume 10: Statistical approaches to uncertainty: p values and confidence intervals unpacked; H. Doll, S. Carney.

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