EBM Manifesto v2.0 talk


This talk was given at the introduction to Evidence-based Practice course  at Rewley House on October 10th.

The talk outlines why we need better evidence for better healthcare and introduces  the EBM Manifesto v2.0. 

You can access the talk here

It can be given, or adapted,  by anyone interested in giving a talk on the EBM Manifesto v2.0.   The crucial elements of this talk are:

  • First five slides introduces the manifesto using  three important articles (see  the background of the slides for the articles).
  • The next slides use a personal narrative that has affected my thinking about evidence: in this case I use the work we have done on Tamiflu and obtaining all of the missing data. You may want to change these to your own example.
  • Slide 15 looks at how many problems Tamiflu research exhibits in our list of 20 fundamental problems with the current production of evidence.
  • Slides 16 to 24 illustrates further examples: e.g., study 329, rosiglitazone, Alltrials, increasing cost of trials, lack of evidence for shared decision making strategies. consider using your own examples.
  • Slide 21 links to the manifesto – which shows the current process, the actions and then the talk proceeds  to how you can have your say, leading into participatory discussion

What could I do differently?

The next time I give this talk I will add in some of the solutions that have been shown to make a difference so far.  I have included Alltrials; but next time I will include examples, such as the Equator Network to  illustrate some of the great work done so far.


Improving the development, dissemination and implementation of research evidence for better health

There are huge shortcomings in the way that evidence based medicine operates today: bad quality research, evidence that is withheld, piecemeal dissemination, a failure to respect patients’ priorities, and more. There is also a long history of people, and organisations, trying to fix these problems. We want to pull together a clear set of achievable goals, and a strong overview of the strategies that work best, to help deliver change better, and faster. This is the EBM manifesto. (Read more of the manifesto)


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