Understanding Overdiagnosis

This talk was given at the 2016 Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference in Barcelona, Spain

As the closing keynote this talk focuses on Carl Heneghan’s personal journey to understanding ‘Overdiagnosis and Too Much Medicine’

You can access the talk here 

The talk includes the following examples

  • Glaucoma screening
  • Private health screening
  • General health checks
  • Weight loss programs
  • Screening for depression in primary care

The talk makes three important points that relate to current screening information: most information relates to tested  patients; to get individuals to screening most information is emotive – relying on scare tactics; most individuals  are not currently equipped to decide whether to take tests or not.

The talk also requires a thorough understanding of test accuracy and includes a teaching example on sensitivity and specificity.

You can download more of my talks for this academic year at CEBM talks 



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