CEBM at Christmas

December 1, 2016

Christmas Lists & New Years Resolutions: Improving the development, dissemination and implementation of research evidence for better health. 


Did you know that CEBM has been promoting EBM through teaching and research for over 21 years?

In 2016 we released the EBM 2.0 Manifesto: we want to know ‘what are the shortcomings of evidence-based medicine?’ And we want your help.

Here are just some of the responses being addressed in the EBM 2.0 Manifesto:

  • Bad Quality Research
  • Withheld Evidence
  • Piecemeal Dissemination
  • Failure to Respect Patients’ Priorities

There is a long history of people, and organisations, trying to fix these problems.  We want to pull together a clear set of achievable goals, and a strong overview of the strategies that work best, to help deliver change better, and faster. 

Our aim is to create a manifesto developed by people engaged at all points in the research ecosystem who want to fix the problem, including above all patients and the public who indirectly fund but are directly affected by the outputs of the current system.  


“Releasing Early, and Releasing Often!”

This is a practical, living document, and we expect and want it to change, with your input. 
Our first draft sets out some of the key problems facing medicine today, and the changes we think are necessary. But for every one of these areas, we have five questions for you. Read the full Manifesto and send your comments. 

Want to get involved?  Open each door on the advent calendar to see what the CEBM has coming up in December and beyond. 

Hope to see you at an event soon.


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