Thinking about patient stories: can experience become evidence?

Tuesday June 20th
12:00 – 16:00
James Munro, Patient Opinion
André Tomlin and Douglas Badenoch, Minervationregister-button

Workshop aims and objectives

The aim of this interactive workshop will be to examine patient stories as “evidence”, in terms of understanding experiences of health care, and as “intervention”, in terms of their ability to contribute to safer or more effective health services.

Specifically, the workshop will address the following themes:register-button

Do patient stories constitute a kind of evidence, and if so, evidence of what?
What kinds of insight can patient stories engender, and what kinds of actions?
When are stories the “right kind” of evidence, and when are they the “wrong” kind? Can we provide any guidance to users of this kind of evidence?
How do we respond to the extraordinary growth in the volume of stories? Should stories be aggregated or summarised, and if so how and why? Specifically, does this task require humans?
What “mixed methods” approaches might we adopt in learning from a large volume of stories, while not losing the specificity of individual stories?

Workshop format
Half day workshop, with an emphasis on interaction and discussion.
PROGRAMME Coming soon

University of Oxford, Gibson building, Radcliffe Observatory Quater accesible from Woodstock road and Walton street

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