EBHC Coordinator Profiles

Get to know tutors involved in the MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care.
Read the experiences that led them into EBM and teaching

Annette Pluddemann  Course Director for the MSc in Evidence-Based Healthcare.
Richard Stevens  Course Director for the MSc in EBHC Medical Statistics.
Jeff Aronson  Consultant Physician and Clinical Pharmacologist
Mike Clarke  Tutor, Systematic Reviews and Randomised Controlled Trials
Susannah Fleming  Module Co-ordinator for Essential Medical Statistics
Trish Greenhalgh  Module Co-ordinator for Knowledge Into Action (KIA). She is also Professor of Primary Care Health Sciences and co-Director of the Interdisciplinary Research In Health Sciences (IRIHS) unit at the University of Oxford.
Jeremy Howick  Module Co-ordinator for The History and Philosophy in Evidence-Based Healthcare
Tom Jefferson  Tutor on the Complex Reviews module
David Nunan
José M.Ordóñez-Mena  Module Co-ordinator and tutor for Introduction to Study Design and Research Methods, and also teaches on the Essential Medical Statistics and Meta-analysis modules
Sarah Stevens
Geoff Wong  Module Co-ordinator for Realist Reviews and Realist Evaluations

Kamal Mahtani
Clare Bankhead
Emily McFadden
Muir Gray

Veronika Williams
Anne-Marie Boylan

The MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care, MSc in EBHC Systematic Reviews and MSc in EBHC Medical Statistics aim to integrate the best available research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values to enable students to learn how to change health care for the better.
If you are interested in applying for our MSc, then see our Education and Training.

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