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Oxford_Skyline_Panorama_from_St_Mary's_Church_-_Oct_2006“Our mission is to improve the practice, teaching and dissemination of high-quality evidence-based medicine to clinicians and the public to improve healthcare.”                                          Prof Carl Heneghan, Director CEBM

We work closely with some partners, whether large institutions or individuals, to support projects and students in improving healthcare.We continue to work towards new initiatives in research and teaching. For example, we have begun a series of Outreach Programmes teaching EBM to support directly or indirectly, the dissemination of Evidence-Based Medicine in countries developing the speciality.

To continue to grow, develop these initiatives and produce tangible outputs that can directly influence patient care we are looking for partners to support our endeavours and become part of changing healthcare. The aim is to strengthen our global impact on health care by raising funds to help support the education and training in Evidence-Based Medicine and support projects that are in the public interest and infrastructure to support self-care in low-income countries.

Opportunities for Partnership

Scholarships: The Centre is committed to ensuring that the teaching and learning experience we offer is accessible to all. Our generous partners, which have included the Oxford Academic Health Science Network and the Department of Continuing Education, have led to the establishment of an Evidence-Based Healthcare MSc (EBHC MSc) Fellowship programme. The Fellowship programme lasts three years on a part-time basis. Funding for the EBHC MSc course, covering all University of Oxford fees for the full three years for the first intake of Fellows, has been secured from Health Education Thames Valley.

Fellowships: The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine receives no core funding for its teaching and research activities. Despite this, we have continued to ensure that our work is highly relevant, disseminated and has impacted directly to the benefit of patients and practising healthcare professionals. All our activities are dependent upon projects grants and personal fellowships. Our programs included supporting our research impact by providing financial support to underpin fellowships which have a strong emphasis on solving real healthcare issues.

Events: We run and are planning a variety of events with different partners. These include a biennial global EvidenceLive event,  the Preventing Overdiagnosis conference through to seminars for the wider public, e.g. Deadly Devices and Dangerous Drugs. We are always happy to work with policy makers and clinicians to transform healthcare with evidence and looking to expand our events programme.

Outreach work: We have a commitment to take Evidence-Based Medicine teaching and practice to a global audience particularly to those in developing countries and are happy to engage in outreach programmes whether at professional, postgraduate, undergraduate or schools level.  Examples from our outreach programme and partnerships include the development of Hepatitis C Guideline in  Egypt and outreach workshops in Kaunas, Lithuania (2014)

Public interest projects:  The centre plays a major international role in the uptake of research evidence for patient benefit, with close links to BMJ Evidence, NICE, Cochrane Collaboration, FDA & WHO.  This includes championing the fuller publication of clinical trial evidence and our work on informing the public about commonly available sports products.

At CEBM we are keen to ensure that patients and the public are given the correct information about healthcare and that research is translated into clear and tangible messages that the public can understand.
We challenge healthcare claims and research on the basis that they are misleading or misrepresent a message to the public and don’t use high-quality Evidence-Based Medicine methods.

We are always looking to engage with new partners to help support access to our teaching and learning for all.  If you would like more information on any of the initiatives above, please contact

CEBM works hard to maintain our reputation for producing high-quality evidence-based research and teaching.  As our work has grown, we have ensured that much of our materials, particularly for teaching, remain freely accessible for all. Donations can be made through our Giving Page.

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