The James Lind Library’s Explanatory Essays: new downloadable book

May 22, 2019

To mark International Clinical Trials Day 2019, the James Lind Library’s editorial team has redrafted the JLL’s Explanatory Essays and compiled them as a 100-page, illustrated book downloadable as a free pdf: download it as a PDF for free. The James Lind Library’s Introduction to Fair Tests of Treatments draws attention to examples of gradual recognition of the need for fair tests of treatment over the past millennium and illustrates the evolution of methods to avoid being misled by the effects of biases and the play of chance. The book points readers who wish to study the issues covered in more detail to systematic reviews of relevant methodological research.

The text in these essays may be copied and used for non-commercial purposes on condition that explicit acknowledgement is made to The James Lind Library. Earlier versions of the JLL Explanatory Essays are also available in: Français, Português, Русский, Español, العربية , 简体中文.

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