In response to the 2020 Coronavirus CEBM set up the Oxford COVID-19 Evidence Service providing rapid evidence reviews, data analysis and thought-provoking writing relating to the coronavirus pandemic. The aim of this service is to support policy and offer guidance to front line healthcare professionals for better informed decision making.

A lot of our work has been picked up by mainstream media as well as being invited to contribute to cabinet office meetings, informing the public and policy.

26 June 2020 – The Sun, Covid patients in hospital FOUR TIMES less likely to die now than in April, study finds
26 June 2020 – BBC News, Coronavirus death rate falling in hospitals
23 June 2020 – The Telegraph, Let’s replace this useless lockdown with social guidance and reap a strong recovery
25 June 2020 – The Telegraph, Hospital patients four times less likely to die now than they were in April, Oxford study finds
20 June 2020 – The Spectator, The case for the two metre rule is falling apart.
20 June 2020 – The Sun, KNIFE-EDGE Rate of coronavirus infection hovers close to one in London, Midlands and North West
16 June 2020 – Daily Mail, UK’s two-metre rule is based on little evidence, leading scientists say amid mounting calls on government to drop the measure
15 June 2020 – The Telegraph, No evidence for two-metre rule, Oxford experts say
10 June 2020 – Wales Online, UK could see a day with zero coronavirus deaths within three weeks
10 June 2020 – The Sun, BRIGHT SPARKS Pupils are more likely to be hit by LIGHTNING than die of coronavirus new figures show as calls to reopen schools grow
09 June 2020 – Mirror, Top scientist names date UK coronavirus daily death toll could drop to zero
09 June 2020 – Wales Online, We may need to think about deliberately catching Covid-19, says scientist
05 June 2020 – The Scottish Sun, END IN SIGHT Coronavirus Scotland: Deaths linked to Covid-19 could hit zero by end of THIS MONTH
04 June 2020 – Mirror, Britain ‘on track to zero coronavirus deaths’ despite second wave warnings
03 June 2020 – Express, End of coronavirus?  Briatain predicted to have NO new deaths by July
03 June 2020 – Metro, UK on track to see no coronavirus deaths by July
03 June 2020 –  The Sun, UK’s death rate ‘is back to NORMAL – with zero Covid deaths expected by end of June
02 June 2020 – The Gaurdian, Don’t stand so close to me! England’s new rules of social distancing
01 June 2020 – The Independant, No coronavirus deaths across 11 London hospitals in 48 hours
01 June 2020 – Piper and Herald, Seven out of 10 people who taet positive for coronavirus show no symptoms




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