Responses to Muthuri et al published

Responses to Muthuri et al published Announcement Date: June 16, 2014

“However, Muthuri and colleagues’ analysis of time-dependent exposure seems to be wrong.” Jones et al.   Muthuri et al is a Roche-sponsored multicenter case series published before the Cochrane review.

We read with interest the Article by Stella Muthuri and colleagues1 reporting the results of an industry-funded meta-analysis of neuraminidase inhibitors for the reduction of mortality in adults admitted to hospital with pandemic influenza. We note that no industry supported studies were included in the analysis—were the manufacturers approached for unpublished data? In some ways Muthuri and colleagues’ study is an impressive meta-analysis of individual participant data. The crude mortality rates were 9·2% (959/10 431) without treatment and 9·7% (1825/18 803) after exposure to neuraminidase inhibitor treatment. (Read More)

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