Evidence-based thinking and why it matters
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Taking the sting out of UTIs

Oghenekome Gbinigie

Diagnosing Urinary Tract Infections in older adults…

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CEBM Presentations

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Medications prevent admissions

Niklas Bobrovitz

We identified eleven medications that significantly reduced emergency hospital admissions…

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Read all about it - Tips for TEBM

David Nunan

I have developed a habit for spotting stories that might be useful in my teaching…

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The Prosecutor’s Fallacy

Kathy Taylor

We may all be guilty of it at some time or other…

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NEW Short Course in EBHC

Veronika Williams

Evidence based medicine (EBM) involves the judicious use of the best available evidence…

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Physical activity in COPD

Veronika Williams

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a chronic lung condition…

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MSc BLOG - Ketamine for DEPR

Hayley Trueman

During my time working with patients we noticed that each patient receiving repeated ketamine infusions…

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Rapid POCT for diagnosing HF

Annette Plüddemann

The lack of studies in primary care and the paucity of NTproBNP data means large scale trials…

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Don’t ditch p-values: understand them

Richard Stevens

There are many things I learnt as a statistics student that I don’t teach as a medical statistics lecturer…

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MSc BLOG - Cooling therapies & stroke

Abid Malik

My dissertation explores the use of cooling therapies in acute stroke…

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Testing in Primary Care

Jack O’Sullivan

We recently did a study that tried to identify General Practices that ordered a higher proportion…

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Trade Secrets of a DPhil in EBHC

Marcy McCall MacBain

In 2010, I was introduced to Oxford’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine during an immersion workshop…

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Tape or Mesh: Take-home messages

Carl Heneghan

NHS Digital published a retrospective review of surgery for prolapse and stress urinary incontinence using tape or mesh…

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MSc BLOG - Epilepsy in Childhood & ASD

Arsenio Paez

In my clinical practice, I follow many infants and children with epilepsy and rare seizure disorders…

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