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Statistics and alternate reality: one more mince pie can't hurt, can it?

Sarah Lay-Flurrie

It’s that time of year again when temptations abound Christmas lunches, dinners and drinks…

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MSc EBHC: the Teaching EBM course was a life-changing experience

Enderson Miranda

I believe that an important component in the continuous journey…

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Teaching evidence-based medicine: where next?

David Nunan

Because teaching (of most things) is not just about the content. It’s also about the context…

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Humanitarian Evidence Week 2018 Blogs

A collection of blogs from Humanitarian Evidence Week: Real-world evidence: from healthcare to humanitarian assistance Clinical evidence from humanitarian settings:

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Eight steps to finding evidence for your systematic review

Kamal R. Mahtani

Systematic reviews have been described as the basic unit of knowledge translation…

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The death of King Charles II

Jeff Aronson

The death of King Charles II: too much healthcare…

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Unhealthy Times of Queen Elizabeth I

Marcy McCall MacBain

During this very week in October, 456 years ago at Hampton Court…

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Putting the Fun into Handwashing

Julie Watson

The burden of infectious diseases is high in humanitarian emergencies…

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TIDIER checklist of PA in HTN studies

David Nunan

Treating hypertension with exercise made harder by poor trial reporting…

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Opioids for pain: what's the problem?

Georgia Richards

People receiving long-term pain relief for low back pain gain no benefits from opioids…

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Unhealthy Times of Kings & Queens

Carl Heneghan

We have put together an exhibition of the Kings and Queens…

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Sample sizes in CTs: truth seeking

Richard Stevens

Looking for the truth about sample size in clinical trials…

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Taking the sting out of UTIs

Oghenekome Gbinigie

Diagnosing Urinary Tract Infections in older adults…

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CEBM Presentations

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Medications prevent admissions

Niklas Bobrovitz

We identified eleven medications that significantly reduced emergency hospital admissions…

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