Evidence-based thinking and why it matters
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Introduction to EBM

This one day workshop is aimed at clinicians, health care professionals and researchers who wish to gain knowledge of critical appraisal and experience in the practice of evidence-based medicine…

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Ten Principles of Good Prescribing

Jeff Aronson

Prescribing medicines is the main approach to the treatment and prevention of disease and the alleviation of symptoms in modern healthcare…

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Using systematic reviews to reduce research waste - who really cares?

Kamal R Mahtani

The global spend on biomedical research and development is estimated to be about $250 billion…

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Ten Steps to Producing a Well-Written Evidence-Based Health Care Dissertation

Alice Tompson

Take time to plan what you want to write…

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Cardiovascular Risk Scores

Dylan Collins

Global cardiovascular risk assessment in the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in adults: systematic review of systematic reviews…

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Why clinical trial outcomes fail to translate into benefits for patients

Carl Heneghan, Ben Goldacre and Kamal R. Mahtani

Clinical research should ultimately improve patient care…

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EBHC Students Awarded Kellogg College Academic Merits

Khamis Elessi, Matthew Oxman and Igho Onakpoya

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Launching two new MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care Programmes

Annette Plüddemann

On Tuesday 21st February, we held an event at St Anne’s College…

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Improving drug regulation when medicines are suspected to have caused deaths

Drug regulatory authorities sometimes withdraw medicines from the market when they are suspected to have caused deaths – but when

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Complex reviews and health economics: what’s the connection?

“Health is bad for you. That’s what many economists believe” – Richard Horton, Editor of The Lancet   This kind

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Expanding evidence-based methods courses for health care professionals

“Evidence-based health care has taken root as one of the central pillars of modern medicine. The delivery of health care

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OpenPrescribing – new measures now available

We’ve been spending some time at OpenPrescribing designing a set of new measures to identify interesting variations in prescribing behaviour

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Evidence in the face of adversity: studying psychological interventions in humanitarian settings

Conducting high-quality research in humanitarian settings is challenging but possible. We must find ways to meet these challenges and do

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