This theme aims to:

– Improve the quality, reliability, and accessibility of the evidence that underpins medications, devices, operations, and other therapeutic interventions

– Expose and challenging healthcare claims and regulatory failings that prioritise commercial interests over the interests of the public

– Improve understanding, transparency, and reporting of harms from medicines and other therapeutic interventions

Examples of our research in this area are shown below

Device guided breathing for blood pressure control

The Resperate device is currently being marketed as a non-pharmacological treatment to lower blood pressure on the basis of a

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Packaging to improve medication adherence

People often miss taking prescribed medication, because of forgetfulness, changing medication schedules or busy lifestyles. It is estimated that between

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Tamiflu & Relenza: how effective are they?

Drug approval and use cannot be based on biased or missing information any longer. We risk too much in our population’s health and economy.

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