CEBM Consulting

Closing the gap between best evidence and best practice in healthcare.

The US Institute of Medicine has identified 3 types of quality problems in healthcare: overuse, under-use and misuse. While misuse (error) is often the greatest focus for media attention and public concern, the biggest component of the preventable burden is probably the evidence-practice gaps of under-use and over-use. Often this is because the research that should change clinical practice is misunderstood or not recognized. The CEBM seeks to find solutions to this problem for both clinicians and suppliers to the healthcare sector.

One of many benefits that companies bringing products to market can enjoy from engaging with the CEBM through consultancy is how best to prepare the evidence base in support of their product’s claims of effectiveness and value for money. This is increasingly important when securing regulatory approval, adoption by healthcare providers and the commitment of potential investors.

CEBM has facilitated workshops in:

  • Paris
  • Waterford
  • Egypt
  • Lithuania
  • Saudi Arabia

Contact Oxford University Consulting for details and opportunities to commission bespoke workshops.