CEBM Presentations

Oxford This page contains slide presentations from talks given by and on behalf  of CEBM.
The presentations are in either PDF, PowerPoint or Prezi (PPT or PPTX) format.

CEBM Workshop presentations can be found on the side bar to this main page or please go directly to
Introduction to EBM

Forest Gump Plot – David Nunan  |  Why Should I Use Social Media – Peter Gill  |  Ethics & EBHC – Jeremy Howick
Rapid Appraisal of Controlled Trials – Annette Pluddemann  |  Intro to Study Design – Jeremy Howick  |  EBM for Editors
Finding Articles Quickly – Nia Roberts & Owen Coxall

The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine is committed to providing high quality training and education in the field of EBM. We provide a range of popular workshops and events for health professionals and researchers in practice.