Transmission path of COVID-19 cluster cases in Zhuhai, China

Transmission path of COVID-19 cluster cases in Zhuhai, China. Spencer EA, Heneghan C.

Published on June 27, 2020

Reference Liu Zheng Qian et al. Analysis of the spatio-temporal characteristics and transmission path of COVID-19 cluster cases in Zhuhai Tropical Geography: 1-13[2020-06-27]. DOI:10.13284/j.cnki.rddl.003228
Study type
Country China
Setting Community
Funding Details Non Reported
Transmission mode Person to person
Exposures Household Contacts

Bottom Line

Transmission in Zhuhai appears to be occurring mainly within close groups such as families.

Evidence Summary

The development of the epidemic in Zhuhai parallel’s Wuhan’s population movements and control.  Local transmission was mainly aggregated within family groups, and evidence suggested that a small number of cases or carriers may pass on infection beyond the 14-day limit.

What did they do?

This study described numbers of cases in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China to try to understand the patterns of transmission.  

Study reliability

This is a description of a group of observed cases and is not necessarily representative beyond its time and geographical context.

Clearly defined setting Demographic characteristics described Follow-up length was sufficient Transmission outcomes assessed Main biases are taken into consideration
Yes * Unclear Unclear Unclear Unclear
* *We had access only to the abstract of this paper, and not the full text.

What else should I consider?

About the authors

Carl Heneghan

Carl is Professor of EBM & Director of CEBM at the University of Oxford. He is also a GP and tweets @carlheneghan. He has an active interest in discovering the truth behind health research findings

Elizabeth Spencer

Dr Elizabeth Spencer; MMedSci, PhD. Epidemiologist, Nuffield Department for Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford.