TEBM 2017

Workshop on Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine September 2017 – Presentations

Monday 11th September

Kamal Mahtani – Introduction to Teaching EBM workshop

Nia Roberts – How to Teach Searching Methods

David Nunan – Using Online Learning as a Platform to Teach EBP Using Online Learning as a Platform to Teach EBP

Tim Muntinga – Innovative and Interactive Approaches to Presentations

Tuesday 12th September

Rod Jackson – GATE RCT Appraisal Session Handouts & How to Teach About RCTs

Wednesday 13th September

Annette Plüddemann – How to Teach Diagnostics

Rafael Perera – How to Teach Stats (presentation) | Stats Exercises 2017

Adrian Stokes – Learning Styles

Sarah Pannell – Developing-a-Lesson-Plan-TEBM2017Bloom’s Taxonomy Teacher Planning Kit

Thursday 14th September

David Nunan – How to Teach Systematic Reviews | Early versus delayed surgery for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Carl Heneghan – TEBM2017-Curriculum-development

Kamal Mahtani – Wrap Up – What happens next?

More images from the week available HERE