Evidence-based thinking and why it matters

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Time for action

This is a significant document which highlights the importance of clinical trials for the health of a nation, but also for the overall economy. There has been a substantial drop in the number of trials being undertaken in the UK; yet, when you ask the population if they want to participate in a trial: 72% say they do.

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19 Sep 2013

EBHC faculty blog

Our blogs on this site will relate to the research we do and the modules and areas we teach on. If there is something you would like us to blog on please add our details to the contact from on the Faculty page.

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17 Sep 2013

A summary: Knowledge into Action

Everywhere we look, there seem to be problems in synthesising and organising knowledge for use. We know that the latest research evidence is not routinely implemented and that at times, we don’t change practice to prevent harm.

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30 Jul 2013

Welcome to the Academic Year 2013-14

It’s been another big year for the MSc in EBHC. There has been a change of leadership but the momentum of great education continues. At the beginning of the 2012-2013 academic year we had 61 continuing MSc students. We also had 37 students enrolled onto the Postgraduate Diploma in Health Research.

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10 Jul 2013