BMJ Talk Evidence Podcast

Duncan Jarvies, Helen Macdonald and Carl Heneghan – with occasional guests- discuss what’s been happening in the world of evidence.

On Talk Evidence we bring you the Verdict on what you should start or stop doing, geek out about stats, and rant about the unevidence based world in which we live.


Feb 2019: Radiation, fertility and pneumonia

The team talk about how difficult a task it is to find evidence that’s definitely practice changing, what GPs can learn from Malawian children with nonsevere fast-breathing pneumonia, how radiation dosage varies substantially – and consultant radiologist Amy Davies discusses what that means for patients.

They also rail against add-on tests for fertility, and the lack of evidence underpinning their use – will the traffic light system suggested help patients make treatment choices?


Jan 2019: Stroke, excercise and rapid reviews

In this EBM round-up, the team talk about Dual vs single therapy for prevention of TIA or minor stroke – how does the advice that dual work better translate in the UK?

Carl explains why Japan can teach us to get active and, how GPs can use that information to ‘drop a decade’ in aging.


2018 series

Dec 2018: EBM Roundup – Devices, and Facebook and vaccines

In the second of our EBM round-ups, the Talk Evidence team are joined by Deborah Cohen, investigative journalist and scourge of device manufacturers.
We’re giving our verdict on the sensitivity and specificity of ketone testing for hyperemesis, and the advice to drinking more water to prevent recurrent UTIs in women.

Nov 2018: Talk evidence – Vitamin D, Oxygen and ethics

Welcome to the trial run of a new kind of BMJ podcast – here we’re going to be focusing on all things EBM.