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CEBM talks – free to download – for the public, for students and for like minded EBM enthusiasts.

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Why does it take so long to see my GP?

Dr Kamal Mahtani – Why does it take so long to see my GP? On 23 October 2017, Dr Kamal

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EBM Manifesto v2.0 talk

  This talk was given at the introduction to Evidence-based Practice course  at Rewley House on October 10th. The talk

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Understanding Overdiagnosis

This talk was given at the 2016 Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference in Barcelona, Spain As the closing keynote this talk focuses on Carl

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EBM for clinical years:

Evidence-Based Medicine for clinical years: Sep 13th 2016 Professor Carl Heneghan Download the pdf of the talk Go to the

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Assessing health claims in the news

  This talk was given by Professor Carl Heneghan at Continuing Education Open Day in Sep 2016 Download the talk: (Assessing

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