Health Services

This theme aims to:

– Understand and improve the delivery, experience and outcomes of health services

– Work with patients, commissioners, guideline developers, and policy makers to ensure that the delivery of healthcare is evidence based

– Support the delivery of evidence-based healthcare in low- and middle-income countries and in humanitarian needs

Examples of our research in this area are shown below

Salt intake in heart failure patients

Researchers: Mahtani KR, Heneghan CJ, Nunan D, Onakpoya IJ, Roberts NW, Hobbs FDR

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Paeds emergency admissions

Researchers: Gill PJ, Goldacre MJ, Mant D, Heneghan C, Thomson A, Seagroatt V, Harnden A

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Rheumatoid Factor in RA

Researchers: Mahtani KR, Miller A, Rivero-Arias O, Heneghan C, Price CP, Thompson M, Plüddemann A, Luqmani R.

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Packaging to improve adherence

Researchers: Mahtani KR, Heneghan CJ, Glasziou PP, Perera R.

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Funding of emergency depts

Researchers: Macnabb J, Rowan L, Heneghan C, Onakpoya I

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