The 4Es forum

Improving the detection, analysis and reporting of harms in medicines

Welcome to the 4Es forum: Exploring, Enhancing and Empowering safer Medicines:  Erice, Sicily

A collaboration between the
Uppsala Monitoring Centre, WHO’s Programme for International Drug Monitoring and the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, University of Oxford. 

Funded by the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture

We know that the current approval of medicines has shortcomings; problems have led to many ineffective available drugs, and postmarketing has often not detected problems before harms have occurred.
This three-day workshop aims to determine how we can make progress together. There is time for talking, listening and discussion to take forward initiatives.
Each day has a specific focus: premarket approval (day 1); post-licensing (day 2) and communication of harms (day 3), with the morning about the problems and the afternoon looking towards the solutions.  

We want speakers in the plenary sessions to provide thought-provoking content that can be taken forward in the group workshops – through discussion and into action. If you have been allocated a talk you will also be leading the workshop that follows.  We would like you to discuss prior to the workshop with your co-speakers and chair a strategy for the session for a consistent approach to the format.

Talks should be pithy to the point and prompt vigorous discussion – given the line up of attendees this shouldn’t be difficult.

You have been allocated to a group for the 3 days.  We want everybody to actively contribute to the sessions, by the end of each day, we shall collect group feedback and summarise main action points that we can take forward.  

Day 1 (October 7th)

Identify problems with pre-marketing approvals and the  potential solutions to the problems of           pre-marketing approvals

Day 2 (October 8th)

Identify problems with post-licensing and the potential solutions to post-licensing problems

Day 3 (October 9th)
Identify the problems/ barriers to communicating/disseminating in pharmacovigilance and the potential solutions to the problems of communication


Travel information
The forum will take place over three days, 7 – 9 October 2019. Arrival must occur the day before the forum, 6 October, departure the day after, 10 October.  Please forward flight details to Ruth Davis as soon as possible so that transfers to and from Palermo or Trapani airports can be arranged.  Participants arriving at Palermo or Trapani should look for the Ettore Majorana meeting point inside the terminal at the arrival gate where the Ettore Majorana Centre driver will be waiting.

Contact details

Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine – Ruth Davis+44 (0)1865 289322  M +44 (0)7734 000873
Uppsala Monitoring Centre – Rebecca Chandler
Ettore Majorana Centre – Sophie