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Global Centre on Healthcare & Urbanisation

Advances in many aspects of healthcare mean that people are living longer, but rapid and often unplanned urbanisation has impacted their quality of life.

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Should COVID-19 travel quarantine policy be based on apparent new case rates?

Richard Stevens, Richard Hobbs, Rafael Perera, Jason Oke Background Travel restriction policy in the UK is based on rates of

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More Marketing than medical evidence: infrared thermometers to screen for COVID-19

Many restaurants, theatres and offices are using infrared thermometers to get the country back to work.

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Leadership in COVID-19: What can history teach us about crisis leadership?

Crisis Leadership employed a number of clear lessons. Some of them may be applicable now.

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COVID-19: The Chain Ladder Method for estimating deaths not yet reported.

Stavros Christofides, Jason Oke, Carl Heneghan NHS England releases daily, the number of deaths reported in Hospitals. Most of these

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COVID-19: Death Data in England – Update 30th April

Jason Oke, Carl Heneghan NHS England releases data at 2 pm each day and reports daily count up to the

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