Educate to Change Clinical Practice

Updated OAHSN imageWith financial support from the Oxford Academic Health Science Network and Health Education Thames Valley, 7 clinicians have embarked on an exciting 3 year journey to learn how to critique and use research evidence. Each person has a unique interest and passion in refining their clinical practice to promote high quality clinical care for patients and their families. Many described the dilemma – where on the one hand they were encouraged to be critical of current practice, yet when they questioned practice, they were told ‘this is the way we have always done it’, or more worryingly ‘this is the way we do it here!’ All clinicians want to contribute to and use research to update and inform their clinical practice. Yet their topics and journeys are uniquely different:

With academic supervision and network mentoring, each clinician will clarify their research questions and develop implementation plans to enact clinical improvements. Watch this space!

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