Tutor Profiles

The Evidence-Based Health Care programme and CEBM short courses aim to integrate the best available research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values to enable students to learn how to change health care for the better.

Take a look a t a few excerpts from the EBHC Tutor profile series, where we get to know tutors involved in Evidence-Based Health Care.

David Nunan – What was your earliest ambition?
I wanted (and still do to some degree) to be a martial arts action movie star/ninja and represent my country. I achieved the latter but not yet the former.

Annette Pluddemann – Why did you get into EBM?
During the early part of my career I worked in Microbiology and Immunology and although I enjoyed laboratory research very much, I was always interested in the application of research into practice. Working in EBM, the “conscientious, explicit, judicious and reasonable use of modern, best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients”, means that the research I do is more focused on specific healthcare questions, which I really enjoy.