Education & Training

CEBM delivers high quality training and education including: short courses in EBM; Masters in EBHC, Systematic Reviews and Medical Statistics; DPhil program in EBHC and a one week intensive Teaching EBM course.

Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine

4 days of teaching by world-renowned experts in evidence-based health care

Introduction to EBM

One Day Intro to EBM Workshop next date coming soon: This one day workshop is aimed at clinicians, health care professionals

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7 Nov 2016

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Teaching EBM, Sep 2017

Teaching EBM is designed for all health care professionals, who have some knowledge of critical appraisal and experience in practicing

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28 Sep 2016

CEBM Teaching(2)

Tutor Profiles

The Evidence-Based Health Care programme and CEBM short courses aim to integrate the best available research evidence with clinical expertise and patient

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5 Sep 2016

MSc in EBHC Systematic Reviews
Master systematic reviews in evidence-based health care


This world class programme is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills to transform healthcare and make better

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3 Feb 2016