CEBM Alumni Network

Oxford_CEBMAs a graduate of a course in Evidence-Based Medicine or Evidence-Based Health Care at the University of Oxford, you are invited to join a network of international students and professionals who share your passion to research, practice and promote evidence-based principles in health-related subject areas.

The mission of the CEBM Alumni Network is two-fold. First, we seek to provide our alumni with an opportunity for life-long learning and skills development, aiming to engage, connect and facilitate knowledge sharing across graduates of the CEBM courses. Second, we seek to establish a network of teachers, speakers who can respond to the growing number of global requests we receive to undertake such activities.

When you join the network, you will receive newsletters and periodic updates from your peers, the CEBM and its faculty. As the CEBM builds an international database of scheduled conferences, speaking events, teaching opportunities and research projects, you will have unlimited access to this catalogue. Also, by identifying your areas of expertise, we can share relevant material and listings under the umbrella of the CEBM network.

The membership is free. You can participate in the network to a level that suits your personal needs. To complete your registration, please complete theĀ entrance questionnaire. It should take approximately 5 minutes.

On behalf of the students, faculty and members of CEBM, welcome to the network!