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One day workshop on Evidence-Based Practice
22nd November 2013
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About the CEBM

Oxford Bridge Of SighsThe Centre for Evidence-based Medicine was established in Oxford as the first of several UK centres with the aim of promoting evidence-based health care. The CEBM provides free support and resources to doctors, clinicians, teachers and others interested in learning more about EBM. Our work falls into three categories:

  1. Research & development on the barriers to and improvement of the clinical practice of evidence More
  2. Training of students and clinicians in the principles and practice of evidence-based medicine More
  3. Training the trainers in how to teach EBM and how to do research and development in EBM More

Our staff of experienced EBM specialists is headed up by Director Carl Heneghan, GP, experienced clinician and researcher. The CEBM team also includes Rafael Perera, an expert in EBM methodology; Dr Matthew Thompson, a GP researcher; Dr Dan Lasserson, whose expertise include evidence-based policy; and Amanda Burls, public health physician and Director of Postgraduate Programmes in Evidence-Based Health Care.

The centre runs a range of popular courses and workshops including our annual 5 day workshop for Teaching Evidence-based Practice.

This website provides a comprehensive list of online EBM resources, free EBM tools & resources to help you practice EBM and much more including links to the latest research & publications.


Understanding Evidence-based Medicine in four days

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