EBM Powerpoint Presentations

Free PowerPoint PresentationsBelow are a list of Powerpoint presentations used in workshops at the CEBM. They are provided free, and you are free to use and modify these, but we ask you to please acknowledge the original author in your presentations.



November - One Day Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice

Rapid Critical Appraisal of Controlled Trials (ppt - 5.4MB)  -  Annette Pluddemann
Finding the Best Evidence (pptx - 0.2MB)  -  Owen Coxall


April - Workshop on How to Practice Evidence-Based Health Care

Evidence-based Practice Workshop Introduction (pptx - 12.9MB)  -  Carl Heneghan
  - accompanying videos: Video #1 (wmv - 2.1MB), Video #2 (wmv - 4.5MB)
Systematic Reviews (pptx - 1.1MB)  -  Dr Sharon Mickan
Ethics and Evidence-based Healthcare (pdf - 4.4MB)  -  Jeremy Howick
Study Design (pdf - 0.1MB)  -  Jeremy Howick
Appraising Diagnostic Studies (ppt - 3.6MB)  -  Matthew Thompson
Randomised Controlled Trials (pptx - 5.6MB)  -  Kamal Mahtani



September - 18th Oxford Workshop on Teaching Evidence-Based Practice

Why Should I Use Social Media? (pdf - 2MB) Peter J Gill
Curriculum Development (pdf - 2.5MB) Stuart Carney
Bite Size Introduction (pptx - 2.9MB) Dr Carl Heneghan
Teaching Tips for Diagnostic Studies (pdf - 2.7MB) Matthew Thompson
Teaching Stats in Small Doses (pdf - 2.1MB) Dr Amanda Burls
GATE-lite RCTs and Observational Studies (pdf - 147KB) Rod Jackson
GATE-lite Diagnostic Test Accuracy Studies (pdf - 139KB) Rod Jackson
GATE: Graphic Approach To Epidemiology (pdf - 1.5MB) Rod Jackson
 - Italian translation (pptx - 4MB) by Fabrizio Losurdo
How to practice EBM - Finding the Evidence (pptx - 1.0MB) Nia Wyn Roberts & Owen Coxall
Searching Tips (pptx - 0.9MB) Nia Wyn Roberts & Owen Coxall


March - Workshop on How to Practice Evidence-Based Health Care

3-Day Workshop on Evidence-Based Practice (pptx - 7.1MB) Dr Carl Heneghan
Finding the Evidence (ppt - 1.1MB) Coxall, Petrinic & Roberts
Critical appraisal RCT (pdf - 1.1MB) Su May Liew
Making sense of results (pdf - 1.3MB) Dr Rafael Perera
Diagnostic studies (pdf - 2.3MB) Dr Annette Pluddemann
Systematic reviews (pdf - 1.4MB) Paul Glasziou



September - 17th Oxford Workshop on Teaching Evidence-Based Practice

17th Workshop on Teaching Evidence-Based Practice (pdf - 8.6MB) Dr Carl Heneghan
Curriculum Development (ppt - 1.2MB) Dr Stuart Carney
Rapid Critical Appraisal with GATE (ppt - 2.7MB) Dr Rod Jackson
The problem with Before and After studies (pdf - 0.1MB) Dr Rafael Perera
Teaching heterogeneity (ppt - 0.3MB) Prof Kameshwar Prasad
Take home message (pptx - 0.1MB) Dr Rafael Perera


July - Practicing EBM Workshop 2011 - Oxford

Making sense of results (pdf - 1.1MB) Amanda Burls



September - 16th Oxford Workshop on Evidence-Based Practice

Introduction (pptx - 9.1MB) Carl Heneghan
Teaching stats in small doses (pdf - 2.0MB) Amanda Burls
Critical Appraisal in 30 mins (pptx - 2.5MB) Rod Jackson
Developing Curricula (ppt - 1.9MB)

Timer - 1 minute wiping timer (ppt - 0.3MB)
Timer - 2 minute timer (ppt - 0.4MB)
Timer - other timers (ppt - 0.7MB)

March - Practicing EBHC - Oxford

Introduction to EBM (ppt - 7.8MB) Paul Glasziou
RCT Appraisal (pptx - 2.3MB) Dan Lasserson
Systematic Reviews (ppt - 5.4MB) Paul Glasziou
Appraising diagnostic studies (ppt - 3.1MB) Matthew Thompson




Teaching Stats in Small Doses (PDF - 1.6MB) Amanda Burls
Knowledge to Action (0.2MB) Sharon Straus
Bite-size EBM (0.3MB) Kameshwar Prasad
Teaching Diagnostic Reasoning (0.8MB) Goutham Roa
Finding the Evidence Activities (0.1MB) Caroline de Brun

Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine, Oxford

Making Evidence More Accessible Using Pictures (1.8MB) Rod Jackson

Evidence-Based Practice Workshop, Oxford

Introduction to EBM (7.5MB) Paul Glasziou
Developing EBM Practice (6.4MB) Carl Heneghan
MSc Diagnosis (1.6MB) Matthew Thompson
RCT Appraisal (1.4MB) Dan Lasserson
Systematic Reviews (6.6MB) Paul Glasziou



Systematic Reviews (1.2MB) Paul Glasziou
Evidence in Practice Projects (3.5MB) Carl Heneghan
The Role of Questions when Teaching EBP (6.1MB) Amanda Burls
Team-Based Learning (0.1MB) Dan Mayer
EBHC Community of Practice (1.1MB) Andrew Booth, Reader in Evidence Based Information Practice (Acknowledgements: Sara Mallinson, HealthNoW)
Best BETs from the BestBETs Group (1.1MB) Kevin Mackway-Jones (see also http://www.bestbets.org/home/people.php)
Best Evidence Medical Education in Geriatric Medicine (6.2MB) Suzan Abou-Raya, Faculty of Medicine, University of Alexandria
Beyond Kirkpatrick Bradford and Airedale NHS (0.5MB) Paul Stevenson
Clinically Integrated E-curriculum for Teaching EBM (1.3MB) Shakila Thangaratinam, Clinical lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Clinical Epidemiology, University of Birmingham. Part of the Training the Trainers Project
Diagnostic Reasoning (2.8MB) Carl Heneghan
Reaching for Knowledge in Unison Using Communities of Practice to Support Practice Change (2.6MB) Melanie Barwickk, Ph.D.,C.Psych. Community Health, Systems Resource Group, The Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto
World Cafe Process (0.5MB) World Cafe Day 1 (see also The World Cafe and What.htm)




Systematic review of diagnostic studies (2.37MB) Rafael Perera
Rapid critical appraisal of diagnostic accuracy studies (637kB) Paul Glasziou
Finding the best evidence (938kB) Paul Glasziou

Teaching EBM Workshop

EB info resources (2.1MB) Brian Haynes
A framework for teaching evidence-based healthcare (776kB) Sharon Straus
Teaching EBM with learners' questions (398kB) Scott Richardson
How do we nurture Evidence-Based Practice (3MB) Paul Glasziou
EBM & knowledge translation (3.56MB) Brian Haynes




Systematic reviews (274kB) Rafael Perera

Teaching EBM Workshop

Interpreting diagnostic tests (1385kB) Carl Heneghan
Teaching gems list (not ppt)

Diagnostic Workshop

Searching basics I Paul Glasziou
Searching basics II Paul Glasziou
Systematic reviews of test accuracy Paul Glasziou
Studying the impacts of tests Jon Deeks
Statistical methods for analysis Jon Deeks



Teaching EBM Workshop

Introduction to teaching evidence-based health care (380kB) Sharon Straus
Graphical appraisal tool for epidemiology (728kB) Rod Jackson
Implementing evidence-based practice (1.2MB)
Statistics in homeopathic doses (1.2MB) Amanda Burls
Teaching about diagnosis (0.9MB) Tom Sensky



Teaching EBM Workshop

Introduction to teaching evidence-based health care (380kB) Sharon Straus
Team-based learning (55kB) Dan Mayer
Using research in practice (800kB) Paul Glasziou
Statistics in homeopathic doses (1.2MB) Amanda Burls
Research synthesis (5.6MB) Iain Chalmers (see also www.jameslindlibrary.org)

Rod Jackson's talks and GATE worksheets are available from www.epiq.co.nz


From Other Workshops

Introduction to EBM (1.6MB) Paul Glasziou, July 2003
Critical appraisal of therapy (44kB) Bob Philips
Critical appraisal of systematic reviews (60kB) Douglas Newberry
Decision analysis (200kB) Martin Dawes
Economic analysis (170kB) Ken Stein
The need for EBM (2MB Winzip file) David Sackett's collated PowerPoint presentations





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