2014 Year 4 Presentations

Staying Alive: the use of musical memory aids to assist laypersons in properly paced chest compressions; G. Davies & W. Dace

Drain versus no drain after gastrectomy for patients with advanced gastric cancer; S. Fiamanya & J. Farrukh

Parkinson’s Disease; E. Watts & M. Watanabe

Does Selenium protect against lung cancer? A. Blakes & E. Brunt

The ultimate chocolate heart; P. Oddie & A. Oswal

Extending the treatment options in alcohol dependence; A. Francioni & P. Fooks

Is escitalopram useful in the treatment of generalised anxiety disorder? S. Greenhalgh & H. Hughes

Type 1 Diabetes; F. Svendsen and J. Southern

Cod liver oil and prevention of neurodegeneration in the elderly; Y. Dennis & H. de Berker