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October 29, 2015

Asking questionsCongratulations on your admission into the University of Oxford!  Now what? Why do I keep receiving duplicate letters? How do I get my University email?  Here are a few pointers which may help you find the admission process easier.

After receiving the initial offer letter and financial declaration form, you may think you have completed the process. This is just the beginning!  You will need to sign the initial offer letter and return it to the address provided on the form. The financial declaration form basically has you outline how you plan on funding your education. If you have grant funds, scholarships, or other sources of outside funding, you will need to provide this information to the financial aid department. If you plan on paying your tuition out of pocket or if there is a difference which needs to be paid after outside funding, you will need to document the source of your funding. For example, I student X have £1,000,000 in account 1235 at ABC Bank. You will then need to provide documentation from your bank and have it signed from the bank manager that you indeed have the documented funds in your account.

Several weeks after returning your initial offer letter, you will receive a confirmation letter and contract. You need to sign these documents and return them to the address provided.  When you submit your application, you will also be asked to choose a College. The University of Oxford requires that you choose a college in addition to being admitted to the University. This process may be foreign to many so make sure to choose a College (i.e. Kellogg and others). After you receive an acceptance letter from your College, you will then be required to fill out additional forms which may look similar to those which you filled out for the University.  Complete these forms and return them to your College. Many times you may fill out three forms which may be identical.  The University, College, and your chosen program all require similar if not the same documentation.

You will receive an email from the IT registration department.  A link will be included in the email to activate your University of Oxford Single Sign On (SSO). You will be provided with your student number, Oxford Username (SSO), Oxford email address and account activation code.  The activation process is very easy!!  After this registration, you will then receive an email to your Oxford email account (which can be accessed by going to from the EBHC team regarding Weblearn.  This is a Virtual Learning Environment where you will access your assignments for modules, sign up for modules and interact with other students through the forums. This site can be accessed by using your SSO.

After you register for your classes via Weblearn, you will also receive a letter from your College regarding matriculation. Your college will send you an email with a link which will allow you to seamlessly schedule your matriculation and provide instructions for this very important day!

I hope you found the above information helpful!


Karen Smiley, MSc in EBHC Student


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