Everything for a DIY 1-day Workshop

The following are the presentations and templates to run a One-Day course on Evidence-Based Practice

After the workshop, participants should be able to:

  1. formulate an answerable question
  2. track down the best evidence
  3. do rapid critical appraisal of controlled trials
  4. apply the evidence to individuals’ care
  5. evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your educational process.


Presentations should be cited as: name, title, Place the title of the overall website next and underline it, include the date of access. Also, place a link to the website at the end of the citation. Copy and paste the URL so that you ensure you have it down accurately.

Introduction (Carl Heneghan)     [ PDF | PowerPoint ]
Randomised Controlled Trial (Carl Heneghan)     [ PDF | PowerPoint ]
Finding the Best Evidence (Owen Coxall)     [ PDF | PowerPoint ]


RCT Appraisal Worksheet     [ PDF ]
Systematic Review Appraisal Worksheet     [ PDF ]

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